Multifunctional, battery powered backpack sprayer AGRONOMIC is a new ecological appliance, which can be used for various purposes:

  • Agriculture, gardening, wine growing, flower growing, fruit growing
  • Food industry and disinfection in cold storage environments
  • Veterinary medicine (disinfections)
  • General housework (watering, disinfection, removing ice from pavements, controlling fire)


  • Gross volume pressure vessels
  • 18 l (cca 5 gal USA )
  • Optimum amount of spraying liquid
  • 15 litrov
  • Service pressure
  • Do 3.00 bar
  • Safety - exhaust valve:
  • 3.5 bar
  • The pressure values tolerance
  • +/ - 0.2 bar
  • Flow rate (adjustable spray nozzle)

        at p=1.0 bar
        at p=2.0 bar
        at p=3.0 bar

  • 0.27 l/minute
    0.36 l/minute
    0.41 l/minute
  • Battery voltage
  • 12 V
  • Battery charge time
  • 2 to 3 h
  • Net weight
  • 8.5 kg
  • Maximum /gross/ weight
  • Up to 25 kg
  • Total amount of liquid that can be sprayed on a single battery charge
  • cca 60-70 liters

The AGRONOMIC sprayer is designed for spraying over small and middle-sized surfaces. The AGRONOMIC sprayer has several advantages over classic sprayers, both in terms of environmental protection and also in terms of its economical viability:

  • it is quiet and doesn’t vibrate, so you won’t disturb your environment while working,
  • compared to a hand-held sprayer, it eliminates physical strain,
  • telescopic tube that extends to 130 cm,
  • ergonomically designed tank fits your back comfortably, the sprayer is comfortable to carry thanks to its large and well padded belts and shoulder straps and its low centre of gravity, which takes pressure of your shoulders,
  • sprayer is controlled with a hand valve: pressure, switching between automatic and manual mode, handling of the locking mechanism,
  • low energy consumption, thanks to the whole container being constantly under pressure, as opposed to creating pressure only when spraying is activated,
  • quality dispersion enables good spraying efficiency, lower consumption of crop sprays, and, consequently, reduces the impact on the environment.

Multifunctional, battery powered backpack sprayer AGRONOMIC is a new ecological appliance, which can be used to spray various herbicides and pesticides that protect plants used in agriculture, fruit growing, flower growing, and wine growing. It can also be used to repel parasites in veterinary medicine and at home. It is quiet and has low energy consumption, which has a pleasing effect on the environment. It is comfortable and simple to use and very efficient.